Case Studies / Dr. Sadaf Ulde / Volume II

A Case of Recurrent Rhinitis and Masturbation By Dr. Sadaf Ulde

On April 20th 2011, A child of six years was brought to me by her mother with complaints of recurring rhinitis and masturbation. According to her mother, the child was suffering from low immunity and was not gaining weight. In addition to this, she had developed a habit of lying on her bed and masturbating. The mother noticed her passing her time this way whenever idle. This behavior had been observable for the past four or five months.

She would get recurrent cold and coryza with a change of weather, or due to even slight changes in her diet.

Her mother described her as very moody and restless, unable to stay in one place. She  disliked studying. Further, her mother said, “I feel she is too matured for her age. She asks funny questions like, ‘Do you know how I was in your stomach ?’ ‘Do you know where I came from?’” She would become very interested when any adult scene appeared on television. Before a romantic scene she would announce, “The next scene will be a lovemaking scene!” She would tell her grandmother, “Come, I will find a boy for you to marry.”

She enjoys watching the Cartoon Network, television soaps and movies. She prefers to eat a lot of junk foods, especially candies, such as toffees.

 During the case as her mother was narrating her complaints, I observed that her speech was quite loud, and she was constantly running and jumping around, laughing and getting into mischief. Sometimes she would sing and dance.

As her mother was talking, she would at times touch her mother’s breast, or touch her private places, make a comment and laugh. Her mother remarked that she sometimes has no manners in what she is doing and saying.

Her manner of foolish behavior put me strongly in mind of Hyoscyamus, so I asked the mother if she has any fear. Her mother replied that she has no fear at all. She said, “She knows only one thing and that is fooling around and playing, and she is very mischievous. She is not scared of anything, but enjoys scaring others. If I tell her to go alone into a dark room, she will go and she will enjoy it.”

When I talked with the child, she said she would like to become a model or a television actress, because she would like to wear all kinds of sexy clothes. As she was telling about this, she was dancing and showing me how she would do a runway walk. I asked what she likes about this, but she only said, “Ismein maza ata hain!” (“It’s fun”!), and that she likes wearing such clothes.

She has been having dreams about her grandfather who recently expired.  She said, “He comes with many colorful toys, gifts, balloons, chocolates and cake for me, and there is a party on our terrace building, all the families of the building are invited, and I am having a lot of fun.”

Without any fears reported in any areas of her life, I could not prescribe Hyoscyamus, a remedy of the Solanaceae family, of which the main sensation is fear and terror.  So what to do next?

I decided to look for characteristics in her main complaint.  So with her mother’s help, I delicately inquired whether she has any problem in her vaginal area. She answered that she has a lot of itching! Her mother then said that occasionally the groin area is red, and the child had at times been complaining about itching of the genital area.

Here I felt was a solid characteristic. I searched in Phatak’s Repertory and found the rubric: ‘Masturbation, female children, due to pruritis vulvae’. There are three remedies: Caladium, Origanum and Zincum.

Then from my observation, using the Synthesis Repertory ,[2]  I took the following rubrics:

MIND: FANCIES, lascivious




MIND: RUNS about

MIND:  PRECOCITY of children


The result of repertorisation was as follows:

Repertorisation of Case 1  by Dr. Sadaf Ulde

Among the remedies appearing, the first stood out as unusual, and it was also strong in the first rubric. So I turned to the homoeopathic literature to examine it and found the following information:

From Phatak’s Materia Medica:

1. Phatak, S. R.. “Origanum.” Materia medica of homoeopathic medicines. New Delhi: India Books & Periodicals Syndicate, 1982. 446 – 447.

2.  Schroyens, Frans. Synthesis Treasure Edition, 2009. As published in Radar 10.5.003.

3.  Phatak, S. R.. “Origanum.” Materia medica of homoeopathic medicines. New Delhi: India Books & Periodicals Syndicate, 1982. 446 – 447

Sweet Marjoram strongly affects the female sexual organs. Increased desire for coitus. Eroto-mania; with inclination to commit suicide. Great sexual excitement driving her to masturbation. Lascivious ideas; impulses, dreams. Swelling and itching of nipples and pains in breast. Thoughts of marriage; which dispel sadness. Desire for active exercises, impelling her to run.

From Knerr’s Repertory:

  • Sexual excitement: increased desire. 23>2>8
  • Sexual excitement: nymphomania. 4>19>14

From Kent’s Repertory:

Itching: voluptuous. {0> 2> 16}

According to the system understanding, Origanum belongs to the Labiatae family,  where the main Sensation is:

  • Excitement: vivid, pleasant, and tremulous
  • Exhilaration, rush of ideas, loquacity, vivacity, enjoyment
  • Excitability, irritability
  • Fright, anxiety
  • Unpleasant surprises

Hence I gave her Origanum 1M, two times a day for two days, followed by daily Sac lac. I felt this potency most appropriate as she was giving a lot of characteristic symptoms, and her experience level was close to the Sensation of the Labiatae family.

Follow up on 20/07/2011:

She has not been seen to masturbate and has ceased complaining of itching. She continues to lack in concentration, and is generally still in a very excited state. In the interview she does some drawing, laughs, plays around and talks in the same manner. Her mother says that her appetite has improved, and she has had no incident of any cold or coryza.

Remedy: Sac lac two times a day for one month.

1. Calvin Knerr. A Repertory of Hering’s Guiding Symptoms, 2 vols. Calcutta: M. Bhattachariyya, 1936. 2nd ed.

2. Kent, J. T., and Clara Louise Kent. Repertory of the homoeopathic materia medica. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers, 1998.

3. Sankaran, Rajan. Sankaran’s Schema. 2005 ed. Mumbai, India: Homoeopathic Medical Publishers, 2006.

She has not been seen masturbating, but has developed a cold with coryza and fever. She continues to be unable to remain in one place. I observed that she was enjoying her time off of school, and was happily running about.

I ask about her dreams, and she says, “Grandfather has come with lot of gifts and we at home are celebrating.”

Her mother reported that she has had continuous running nose and coughing. The day before the cold began she ate and drank a lot of cold things at a party, including water which was iced and of poor quality. She had one episode of fever with chills, and she was active with the fever. Not many characteristic symptoms were seen in the acute, and I observed that her usual high level of activity was continuing in that illness.

Remedy: Repeated one dose of Origanum 1M, followed by Sac lac, two times a day for one month.

Follow-up on 17/01/2012:

She is no longer seen to masturbate, nor has she complained of any kind of vaginal irritation. Her concentration has improved, although she is still mischievous and dislikes studies, like many children her age. She obeys orders given to her. She has had no further episodes of cold and coryza, and her weight and appetite are improving. Overall she has good health.

Remedy: Sac lac two times a day for one month.


This child is my neighbor and often drops by asking for “the sweet pills”. After taking the blank pills she feels very happy and excited. The sweet pills that she enjoys so much have made a significant difference in her life. As part of a traditional Indian family, her habit would have cost her severe social problems. When I think of this child I see her in all her innocence, jumping around, full of enthusiasm and taking pleasure in life. It is deeply satisfying to me that homoeopathy has been able to assist in her healthy growth and development.

Dr. Sadaf Ulde

Resident doctor at The Other Song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy



7 thoughts on “A Case of Recurrent Rhinitis and Masturbation By Dr. Sadaf Ulde

  1. a very nicely put forward case!! I do not use the sensation method in my practice but am very keen to study it in the near future.
    it will interesting to have a follow up maybe even a year later, in my opinion this child may require Medorrhinum.
    i loved the authors last comments about feeling deeply satisfied that he has helped a child through Homeopathy- God Bless!

  2. i never heard the name of the drug “origanum” and its symptoms. this is the first time i am learning about origanum. feels good to learn all through my life from the other song academy….. thanks dr. sadaf ulde

  3. After taking the blank pills (the sweet pills), she feels very happy and excited and also enjoying the sweet pills—these are all also a key theme of Labiatae family.

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