Message from Dr. Rajan Sankaran

‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy

‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy has now completed fifteen months of operation. The academy offers advanced clinical training to individuals of various levels who come from all around the world, including many interns, practitioners (beginner, intermediate, or advanced level), and numerous teachers of Homoeopathy.

The faculty consists of more than twenty-five qualified, experienced Homoeopaths, including a strong core of well-recognized international teachers. The aim of the academy and its teachers is to improve the skill set of Homoeopaths of all levels and backgrounds. The academy has an adjoining clinic where students are able to watch live cases and see several patients per day. Following the case-taking process in the clinic, the cases are discussed, analyzed and thoroughly explained by the doctor who took the case.

At ‘the other song’ Clinic success rates are quite high. There have been hundreds of patients who have had excellent follow-ups. With the added benefit of live cases and live follow-ups, the academy is one of a kind. By seeing follow-ups of successful cases, students can see tangible results, and the learning from such cases is outstanding. This material can also be used throughout the Homoeopathic community to promote the practice, use and study of Homoeopathy.

The participants who have engaged in our courses have benefited immensely from the knowledge of the faculty combined with such direct clinical experience. Furthermore, they have expressed the need for a medium in which they can keep in touch with the academy with regards to development and current events.

We here at ‘the other song’ feel that this information must be shared not only with our students, but also with Homoeopaths from around the world. An excellent method to do this is via an online e-magazine, where we can reach countless numbers of individuals.

Initially, we feel that the output of the magazine should be a quarterly event where each magazine would document at least three flourishing cases from our clinic. The information provided would include the initial case-taking information in addition to follow-ups. As the interest of the Homoeopathic audience grows, the frequency and demand for the magazine will increase, and thus there will be space to document even more thriving cases and follow-ups from ‘the other song’ clinic. The documentation and publication of successful cases will be of great value and interest to practicing Homoeopaths of all ranks.

Along with the cases, the e-magazine will contain updated news, a schedule of events, and other interesting courses offered at ‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy. Additionally, summaries of lectures by visiting Homoeopaths will be included, as well as a book review section and discussion forum.

To create this magazine, a team of well-versed and experienced Homoeopaths has been put together, headed by Dr. Shekhar Algundgi. The team consists of Dr. Pratik Desai, Dr. Rishi Vyas, Dr. Manish Yadav, Dr. Devang Shah, Dr. Sadaf Ulde, Dr. Pallavi Nar, Dr. Sneha Thakkar, Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad, Dr. Swapna Palkar, Dr. Swati Mishra, Dr. Roma Thadani, and Oonagh Taeger.

We at ‘the other song’ Clinic and International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy hope that this humble offering to the community will aid in the dissemination of innovative ideas and foster learning, in addition to contributing to the inspiration and integration of Homoeopaths and Homoeopathic practice all over the globe.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, MD (Hom).
Head, ‘the other song’  – International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy


5 thoughts on “Message from Dr. Rajan Sankaran

  1. A very nice attempt by “the “other song” academy. This newsletter will be helpful to the homeopaths around the world to keep themselves updated.

  2. I am so glad the academy is having now a newsletter and I am updated to what happens there since right now I am unable to go to India!
    Thank you and good luck!

  3. Iam very very thankful to Dr.Rajan Sankaran & his team for publishing this E-newsletter. Its very inspirational to doctors like me who cannot attend the classes held at Bombay. Thank you very much sir. Please continue this inspirational service…..

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